Beeb Ashcroft

Beeb Ashcroft is a British journalist living in the United States. Using her 16 years of journalism experience to build a successful social media career, Ashcroft is an expert in managing PR in a “New Media” world. As a British expat living in America, she noticed a large void in the international market for both bloggers living outside of the US as well as companies worldwide wishing to crack the US market. Likewise, American PR firms that want to get their product in front of a global audience have fewer options for coordinating worldwide blogger campaigns.

The International Blogging Network is the answer to these problems, as Ashcroft aims to use her experience to help bloggers around the world grow, promote, and improve their blogs whilst bridging the gap between PR firms in America and the rest of the world. For more about Ashcroft, visit her portfolio here.

Contact Information:

Email: beebashcroft@gmail.com
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